Now you can have sport scale wire wheels for your vintage models with all of the nostalgia and none of the difficult ‘spoke threading’. Our design incorporates 3D printed rims and hubs, with work hardened stainless steel spokes and fuel proof Nitrile tyes/tires. RCwirespokewheels vintage sport scale wheels are provided as a kit, to keep the costs down, and the pair can be assembled in just a couple of hours.  The 2023 v.2 wheels have a newly redesigned flanged hub providing a 25% increase in the spoke(s) bond length at both ends. The flanged design also allows for a reduced hub width while providing an improved angle between the hub and rim – better resisting side loads.  The ‘tyre to rim’ ratio has also been improved for a more pleasing look.  

The kit now comes with a centering fixture giving the builder complete control over the wheel construction.  The spoke holes are pre-aligned and angled between the hub and rims. The modeler supplies 30 minute Epoxy to bond the  spokes, and Medium CA glue to bond the tyre ends.  Take a closer look at assembly instructions further below. These are included in every kit.

Both our 1/6th scale 110mm (4 5/16″) and 1/5th scale 127mm (5″) spoke wheel kits can be purchased from our eBay page. Click on the Green Buttons below to visit our Ebay page to see our stock status and to order yours.

Centered Flange Hub p v.2 deeper spoke holes
Wheel OD Dia: 110mm (4 5/16″) and 125mm (5″)
Hub Flange Dia: 21mm (.83″)
Hub Length: 22mm (.87″)
Hub Bore: Fits 4mm and 5/32″ axles drillable to 5mm (3/16″)
Tyre Dia: 11mm
Rim & Hub Material: PLA+
Tyre Material: Fuel proof Nitrile
Spoke Material: 1.6mm work hardened 304 Stainless Steel
Weight: 1/6th scale: 65g (2.3oz)/wheel 1/5th scale 78g (2.7oz)/wheel
Kit Contents Includes:
(2) Rims
(2) Hubs
(2) Pre-Cut Nitrile Tyres
(64) Pre-Cut 304 SS spokes w/roughened ends
(1) Assembly Fixture
(1) Mixing Stick & Epoxy Coating Brush
(1) Instructions

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